Annoyed by planaria in your aquarium?

Planaria Trap

Planaria – annoying pests

Planaria – also known as turbellaria or flatworms – are annoying pests that can also harm the inhabitants of your aquarium. It is not unusual that fish eggs, young fish, small shrimps and crabs are amongst their prey. 

Effective chemical products do also harm the aquarium inhabitants and shrimps and snails seldom survive strong chemical substances. Therefore we have developed a planaria trap (Planaria Catch Pen) which enables you to reduce the planaria without the use of any harmful substances.

Planaria trap

This trap provides you with the means to significantly reduce the number of planaria – also known as turbellaria or flatworms – in your aquarium without using any chemicals or drugs. Planaria are carnivores and are enthusiastic carnivores and it is easy to trap them by using baits containing animal constituents.

Therefore it is recommended to use attractants containing animal constituents. Very good results were achieved by using frozen bloodworms as these are highly attractive to planaria. The construction of the trap makes it impossible for the planaria to leave the trap.

See how the planaria trap works

How to use the Planatia Trap / Manual

Before using it for the first time, clean the trap thoroughly using tap water.


1. Open the trap by removing the rubber stopper.

2. Fill the trap at the bottom with a suitable attractant

The trap chamber has a filling mark at the bottom showing the filling level for the attractant (e.g. food tablets, bloodworms or the like).

3. Fill the trap with water by dipping it into the aquarium

Then put the rubber stopper with the small inlet tube back on the trap while under water. Make sure that no air bubbles remain in the trap or inlet tube and that no attractant or food remains are in the inlet tube, thus barring the way. The small inlet tube should be in the centre of the trap chamber.

4. Place the trap at the bottom of your aquarium.

 The inlet tube should slightly touch the aquarium glass or a stone or plant. The contact with an object makes it easier for the planaria to enter the trap.


Planaria are very often much more active when you switch off the aquarium lighting, this way you get better results. Don't leave the trap inside the aquarium for many days since the food you are using as attractant may start to rot. Cleaning: Clean the trap thoroughly with tap water after every use.


Never use any dish liquids or other detergents. The residues of cleaning agents may harm your aquarium inhabitants!

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